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Yo, I feel you.

Recently, I had a run-in with what I call...monkey mind.

I’m recovering from a recent surgery that went successfully β€” procedure went as planned, I responded wonderfully and am on the track of fully healing.

HOWEVER, I had an incident a couple nights after the surgery. In the middle of the night,

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Feelings, AnxietyChristina Kern
πŸ™‰ Self-love, Shmelf-love...

I love you, do YOU love you?

I was reading Dodging Energy Vampires by Christiane Northrup, M.D., and she shared an awesome little anecdote from Matt Kahn about self-love. SELF-LOVE you say? How do you do that? (If I had a nickel for every time someone gave me this response...) πŸ’°πŸ˜‰

Matt was doing a self-love exercise that I’ve done myself and have shared with my own students. It’s quite simple.

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Self loveChristina Kern
Deny THIS...I dare you πŸ˜‚

One summer’s day after my freshman year of college, I was leaving the ballpark with my mom and Auntie B.

Um, side note...I had a blast my first year of college which definitely included putting on the infamous freshman 15.

Anyhoo, seemingly out of habit, I stopped by the concession stand on the way to the car and picked up some nachos.

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I saw Furby on an airplane.

Years ago, I was on an airplane, sitting in the window seat.

Shortly before takeoff, my heart stopped as a pink Furby approached. You know β€” those creepy robotic troll toys your kids loved to make you buy in the 90s?
Thankfully for me, the pink Furby turned out to be an ineffably large fur coat a woman was donning on her sweet summer vacay to Des Moines, Iowa. 

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Beautiful pain. πŸ’

Joey, my youngest, was recently home for a few weeks, after finishing his second year of college and desperately needing some time to recharge. 

On his last morning home, I had cleaned his sheets and was making his bed before he left to return to the east coast. 

As I was making the bed I thought, β€œyou know, I don’t know how many more times I get to make his bed.” Silly right? Like, who cares?! 

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