this is me

“Choice is the greatest power we have. Some say love is — but we first have to choose love.”
— Caroline Myss

How did I get here…

Let me make my long story very short… the Universe threw some wrenches in my idyllic world. I experienced bullying, betrayal, persecution, abandonment and loss. What I had come to believe about my life was challenged and I no longer knew who I was. I felt alone, afraid and angry. Ultimately, I reached a point where the pain surpassed the need to keep things as they were. I raised my white flag and opted for surrender…for change.


Over the course of 8 years of self-exploration and truth-seeking, I found answers. While I have wandered far only to return to my true Self, I didn’t do it alone. With the support of my team of mentors, I discovered who I am and why I am here. I found my happy.


Today, I have created a new life full of freedom, creativity and love. Motivated to uncover more of “what-I-don’t-know”, I am continually learning to cherish the unexpected goodies life gifts me. After enduring much turmoil and chaos, my marriage is now thriving as are my three amazing children. I realized another benefit of this work is that as I transformed, so did my loved ones. 


I have chosen to dedicate my many years of experience, education and research towards becoming a Transformational Coach and fulfilling what I believe to be my life’s purpose. I am fiercely passionate about accompanying you on your life’s journey — so you don’t have to do it alone either. 

My credentials...

After graduating from the University of Iowa with a Business degree in Marketing in 1984, I spent many years in the sales world. I am grateful to have found my true calling as a Certified Life Coach with the Life Purpose Institute where I have access to tools that have been used since 1984 with over a million people worldwide. I received my Reiki Master Level III attunement in 2013 and am a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles.


When not supporting others, I enjoy time with my two grandsons, watching my son play college basketball in Maryland, attending my daughter’s film premieres in California and hanging out with my awesome husband in Iowa. I’d like to thank the Master Teachers in my life, especially the ones who cracked my idyllic world wide open.